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Pokies Games – What to Know
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Pokies Games

When playing pokies games in Australia, a new player might be overwhelmed by the options, features and the range of pokie machines available.  There are a huge range of Australian pokie machines to play at casinos but when it comes to online pokies there are so many more games available and the variety is absolutely huge!

Here we will discuss the different games, jargon and tips to find and understand how slots work and how to get the best out of your play time.  After all if you are playing real money pokies then if you are shady on how to play and don’t understand the betting styles and game play then they can become very expensive and the possibility of loosing money is high.

Most of the slot machines these days are multi line with 5 reels and some even 9 reels.  This wasn’t the case with the original machines which were set over 3 reels and had very basic designs and features.  These traditional slot or fruit machines are still featured in casinos but don’t offer the same excitement and winning opportunities are the games with more lines and reels.

The multi line, video pokies games are the best and most popular in Australia today.  When you first play pokies then it is really important to study the pay table.  These will show all the symbols that the game offers, the payouts for each symbol along with describing the bonus features on offer.  Usually the bonuses or “free spins” are won by triggering 3 or more scatter symbols.  Each game has different varieties and not all pokies are the same therefore don’t go in to a playing session blind, know and understand how the game works.

Here are some terms you might come across when viewing the pay tables..

Symbols – Each square on the screen will be depicted by a symbol which together form a win if usually 3 ore more line up on a payline.

Scatter – A unique symbol which usually unlocks free spins and bonuses.  You will often find that when this lands you will hear a special sound effect to add excitement.

Wild – This is an extremely important symbol which substitutes for all others (except the scatter) which will provide good winning opportunities.  WILD symbols come in different variations, some expand and others will provide a 2x multiplier or higher.

Gamble – This is a separate feature on some pokies games which allows the player to re-bet their winnings and instantly double winnings through selecting a correct card suit or colour.

Autoplay – Will allow the player to set a certain number of spins and bet, providing the ability to keep playing while away from computer.

Multiplier – Special symbols which multiply winnings by a certain amount when shown on the pokies reel.

Paylines – Paylines can vary significantly from each game, ranging from 5 to over 100 paylines.   When this represents is how many different varieties or combinations are allowed for the symbols to line up and provide a win.

Most pokies games will payout left to right, however there are some that will payout both right to left and left to right.  Scatters can sometimes be required in a certain sequence left to right or anywhere on the reels.

There are so many different variations of pokies out there, the best thing to do is play our range of free pokies first before depositing real money, study the features, paytables and develop you own playing and betting style.

Try the following free games..


Pokies Games - What to Know, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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