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How to Win

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Learn How To Win on the Pokies

Many online casino’s offer much higher payout rates that casinos accress the world ranging from 95%-101%, yes that is right, one online casino had a payout rate of over 100%!!  There is no way your local pokies venue can match these payout rates.

These Pokies all have the latest graphics and sound, all the features you’d expect from Pokies down the pub are included and many have additional bonuses such as FREE SPINS and bonus games. Not only do you have a better chance of winning by playing Pokies online, but also the games are much better and up to date!

Tip 1 Win on the Pokies Online

Online Casino’s offer sign-up bonuses. These bonuses can range from no deposit free cash to % bonuses ranging from 100% to 1000%, yes if you deposit $25 you get to play with up to $250! Does crown casino offer this?? No way! This drastically reduces your risk and gives you more cash to play with.  You should check out the best offer which is $1000 Sign Up Bonus.

Tip 2 on Choose Jackpots

Pokie machines online have people playing from all over the world at once, therefore jackpots get BIG, very big! For example a popular pokie game Mega Moolah has a progressive jackpot that can reach as high as $3,000,000. Almost all the pokie games have some kind of additional jackpot increasing your chances of winning a lot of cash.

Tip 3 on Payout Cycles

Pokies online have a cycle of paying out. Therefore don’t keep playing on the one game only to loose all of your winnings or credits. Give the game 20% of your initial outlay and if you don’t see a profit, move to another game. Rule three is simple: If it’s not paying out, don’t keep shoveling bills into it thinking it’s about to turn. It won’t. I have played on an online pokie where I lost $10, moved to another machine and got free spins on free spins, netting me $250 profit on a 60cent wager.

Tip 4 on Mix Up Gameplay

Alternate your gamble by adjusting the amount of credits per line. Sounds simple, but when you bet for example 5 credits per line, the Pokie calculates the return it will provide for that spin based on your stake. By changing the stake regularly (we used to do it every single spin) you can get a feel for what it’s likely to do. It may want to pay out big. It may only want to pay smaller amounts, but whatever happens, when you change stakes, you’ll start to understand if it’s going to pay big, small or not at all.

Tip 5 on Gamble Winnings

Gamble your winnings on the double up feature where possible, this gives you an immediate chance to double your winnings. The turn of a card on this feature is entirely luck and is completely 50/50 giving you an equal opportunity of winning!

Tip 6 on Play Free Pokies First

Your should research each game and try all the free pokies out first before you play with real money.  This will allow you to find pokies games that suit your taste and playing style as well as which will provide you with the most rewarding bonuses and entertaining gameplay.  Without a doubt some of the most popular online pokies include Thunderstruck II, Tomb Raider and Lucky Witch.

How to Win, 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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